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The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Seeking the [obligatory] religious knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.”


khadim ul Quran Trust

Founded by Khurshid Ahmed . khadimulQuran Trust a registered educational institute in  Balha post kamataul Distric Madhubani bihari india is not making only a significant imipact locally but also has extended to reach globally  registered  by the government of UK

KhadimulQuran trust is  commited to uplifting the under priviallage in one of the india poorest state providing relgiious studies esential education up to matric equivalent to GCSE and computer courses for both males and females students. So, they can become an important part of the community

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founder and chairperson vision

Under the visionary leadership of founder and chairperson khurshid ahmad khadimulquran trust stand as a becon of hope in a region pluged by poverty and educational challenges

khurshid ahmed dedication to provding comprehensive education from relgious studeis to practice skils reflect a holistic approch to  empowering individua and communities

In essence, Khurshid Ahmad’s leadership has not only established Khadimul Quran Trust as an educational institution but also as a catalyst for positive change in the socio-economic landscape of the region. Through a commitment to holistic empowerment, the trust under his guidance continues to illuminate paths of hope and progress, offering a lifeline to those struggling in the face of adversity.

Khadim ul Quran Trust with your help plan to achieve the following

Produce Both Male and female Hifz Qari and Aalim Equip with islamic Knowlege

also provide them basic education till matric

Free of cost book uniform and lunch

Free hostel accomodation up to 400 students male and females

free meal uniform book and medical for all hostel resident

free acoomodation all teacher male and females and thier families

student will b taught in english arabic and urdu

Through these initiatives, Khadimul Quran Trust aspires to create an educational environment that not only imparts religious teachings but also equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in various facets of life. The emphasis on inclusivity and comprehensive support reflects the Trust’s commitment to making quality education accessible to all, irrespective of gender or socio-economic background.




Khadimul Quran Trust passionately provides free books to needy students, fostering educational equality and empowering individuals to thrive through the gift of knowledge.

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Khadimul Quran Trust extends a helping hand in education, offering crucial support to learners. With dedication, the Trust empowers individuals through accessible and transformative educational initiatives.

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Medical Help for Hostel Resident

Khadimul Quran Trust ensures the well-being of hostel residents by providing essential medical assistance, prioritizing the health and welfare of students for a thriving educational experience.

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Khadimul Quran Trust is empowering communities through inclusive education extending beyond religious boundaries. By fostering comprehensive learning, the trust uplifts individuals, promoting harmony, understanding, and shared knowledge for collective progress.

Establish secure and comfortable hostel facilities to accommodate up to 400 students, both male and female, who may come from distant areas or face challenges in commuting.





KHADIM UL QURAN TRUST Strive for well  rounded education

we producing male and female Hafiz Qari and Aaalim

 with islamic knowledge