About us

Welcome to Khadim Ul Quran Trust, an educational institution nestled in Balha Post Kamtaul, Dist Madhubani, Bihar, India. In the heart of Bihar, grappling with poverty and educational gaps, we transcend traditional boundaries. Beyond religious studies, we impart foundational education up to Matric, inclusive of computer courses for both genders. Registered with the Government of India as a School and Welfare institution, we aspire to transform lives.

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To envision a society where every individual, regardless of background, has access to quality education and Islamic knowledge. Khadim Ul Quran Trust aspires to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering empowerment, and creating a harmonious community.


Khadim Ul Quran Trust is dedicated to providing comprehensive education beyond religious studies. Our mission is to produce well-rounded individuals—male and female Hafiz, Qari, and Aalim, equipped with Islamic knowledge and a strong foundation in basic education. We are committed to offering free resources, including books, uniforms, and meals, to local students. By establishing a fully functioning Centre for Da’wah, we aim to serve as an educational resource, transforming the lives of deserving pupils. Through the support of our brothers and sisters, we strive to build a sustainable and inclusive educational hub that empowers communities and leaves a lasting impact on generations to come.

Changing Lives: Donate to Establish a Comprehensive Educational Hub

Embark on a transformative journey with Khadim Ul Quran Trust in Balha, Bihar, India. In an underdeveloped region, we’re not just offering religious studies but empowering with basic education, computer courses, and more. Your contribution builds a brighter future—free books, uniforms, lunch, and a foundation for change. Join us in establishing an educational hub that shapes destinies and uplifts communities. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on lives and rewrite the story of education in Bihar.

Empowering Futures: Support Our Centre for Da’wah and Educational Resource**

Join us in the commitment to launch a vibrant Centre for Da’wah, poised to be a transformative educational resource. This center goes beyond imparting Islamic knowledge—it’s a beacon of change for deserving pupils, offering a comprehensive educational experience. We invite all brothers and sisters to contribute with open hearts, sowing the seeds of positive change. Your support is an investment in a brighter future, ensuring not just education but a pathway to success in this life and the hereafter. Together, let’s build a legacy of knowledge and empowerment.


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